Your organization has invested in people, processes and technology designed to prevent malicious access to your network and endpoints- yet the volume of alerts generated from disparate point solutions calls for similar investments to manage, prioritize and respond to the deluge of alerts your limited security resources are responsible for analyzing every day.

This is an urgent problem where the existing approach is untenable - attacks continue to compromise the sensitive data of well-defended networks while security teams are overwhelmed with a backlog of countless alerts. To keep pace you need to:

• Understand which alerts are meaningful
• Initiate automatic response actions
• Address threats without bringing your network

HP and Guidance Software have combined forces to deliver a complete, best-of-breed post-event workflow designed to automatically prioritize and respond to the most critical alerts. The combined solution allows:

• Aggregate and correlate feeds, identify threats
• Validate the efficacy of threats
• Immediately understand impact to sensitive data
• Acurately assess the scope of the intrusion
• Remediate endpoints threats without disruption

Intelligent Incident Response System

ArcSight Express + EnCase® Cybersecurity
Prioritize Detection + Automated Response in a Single Package
Streamline your post-detection workflow with HP ArcSight Express and EnCase Cybersecurity:

• Prioritize alerts
• Eliminate False Positives
• Determine incident scope
• Assess sensitive data impact
• Zero in on the origin of an incident
• Remediate endpoints

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ArcSight Express allows you to correlate events feeds across a wide variety of detection systems. d

Within EnCase Cybersecurity validate alerts and review endpoint data related to an alert.